This thing

Random red Alice

This is the Madness, a list of words and strings of words gathered about from various sources. If you recognise the string, then remember its origin fondly. If you do not, then see the words for what they are, and what all words are - mad words loosed across the world.

As a list, as a pile, and as a heap of random strings, it's nothing terribly special, but full enough of goo. Pity it's not smart enough for proper managing from this end, but at least it's here. And growing. Always growing... so you probably should know that anything you say or do may be added to the list. Fair warning, and all. Fair use, we claim.

The one in the corner is 83. 83 what I'm not sure, but that's what was passed to the function.


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My message to all those who carry out or support the so-called War on Drugs: You have qualified yourself to go straight to hell. You are without a shred of humanity or decency. Terrorizing, imprisoning, and murdering people for possessing or exchanging a damned plant: Can anything be more savage and idiotic?