Madness string 94601

Random mermaid
Even in a complex system, there is no such thing as luck. All possibilities play out according to what occurred elsewise, bubbling outwards, interacting and converging over time and space in a series of disastrous coincidences, guided and defined by what men would call the 'laws of numbers'. These laws of numbers, these probabilities, are limited only by what functions are known, and by the very perceptions of those who know them. The paths are not linear, and may diverge. And so there are different outcomes in different stories, even with the same base numbers, the same pasts, the same events. Roll the dice. Reset the game. All is known, and the world still is not what it seems. The maths tell all, but there is not all to tell.

Sorry Pelor. I like you but not enough to draw your damn mask in every single goddamn panel.