Madness string 38665

Random mermaid
I understand you exactly. You could have been something once. You had all the worlds ahead of you, and you threw it away, you wasted it, you, because you didn't care, and so you slipped further and further away. The others lost you, too, because they were just like you, and they didn't care any more than you did. They were just like you, and they are still just like you were, now, and so you hate them. And yet the only one you hate more than them is yourself.

Think about it this way - when you see how she is with her child, and you think of how different it is from how she raised you, imagine how much pain that must cause her. The way she acts now is the way she believes all children should be parented, and she could not give that to you. I suspect she is probably burdened by a deep, painful sense of guilt and failure over how you were raised, because she simply couldn't provide for you in all the ways she wanted to.