Madness string 1207

Random mermaid
Hangover? Suffering Hypervitaminosis A poisoning? Vomiting? Gods got ya? Got that just-went-to-a-party-reeking-of-warrior-herbs-then-got-shitfaced-on-mead-and-sleapt-it-off-on-the-floor smell hanging around your fur? Feel like a family of incontinent ferrets did the same thing then slept in your mouth? Convinced someone lodged your own pickaxe in your head? Trying to explain comparative ethics to a sentient shadow whilst coming down after mixing alcohol, testosterone-boosting herbs and unrefined opiates? Birds singing far too loud whist the day DARES to be anything other than overcast? Try new aspirin-flavoured Mountain Dew! For the wombat on the go!

I'm sorry, I'm trying to understand what you just said. A world in which there are no libraries? How is that possible, if there's anyone left at all? Libraries aren't just buildings, books on shelves. They're ideas, stories, and stories you pass on, tell to others. You can write them down to keep them longer, to share them further, but you don't have to, because they still survive in the people themselves. So long as anyone remembers, they're still real.