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Random mermaid
The truth is, we don't love as many people as we're supposed to. I don't love most of my family members. They haven't done anything overtly terrible to me that would justify a 'lack of love' in a social context that assumes we all love our family members just because they're family. So when family obligations and events roll around I'm left feeling inconvenienced and pressured, and I struggle to understand why I'm supposed to buy a bus ticket and make the 4-hour trip to stay in a cramped house with people I don't feel much for. And why I should do that three or four times over just the Christmas holidays so that I can see all sides of my family and partner's family.

The imagination really is most alive when it is not in control of things; flying through the air without a safety net below to catch it. To live surrounded by wonder means the unknown and the dangerous also surround you as well.