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Random mermaid
I have these déja vu's of déja vu's of déja vu's and then a déja vu of this happening with the same context; I was in the same place with the same people talking to me saying that exact thing. It just makes no sense, it can go on for like a minute of thoughts inside my head of déja vu. And sometimes it happens, and then I déja vu a thought that occurred in my head the time before, like I would déja vu thinking 'fucking hell, no way this is real' and I would think about it and déja vu.

You never seen the film Birds? Chickens are worserer than that even. Think of rapacious pterodactyls, and that's chickens for you. Ever seen one sharpening a carving knife, whilst licking its lips and looking at you? That's chickens for you.