Madness string 102208

Random mermaid
This car's got history. It's seen some shit. People have done straight things in this car. People have done gay things in this car. It's not going to judge you like a fucking Volkswagen would. Interesting facts: This car's exterior color is gray, but its interior color is grey. In the owner's manual, oil is listed as 'optional'. When this car was unveiled at the 1998 Detroit Auto Show, it caused all 2,000 attendees to spontaneously yawn. The resulting abrupt change in air pressure inside the building caused a partial collapse of the roof. Four people died. The event is chronicled in the documentary 'Bored to Death: The Story of the 1999 Toyota Corolla'.

You can't wake people up by acting like a burglar or rapist just because a noise is annoying you. It's also needlessly risky to climb the side of a building in the dark at night when it's wet. Either you get dressed and knock on the door like an adult or you put up with the noise.