Madness string 95865

Random mermaid
Take the cookies off and set the cream aside. Take each cookie wafer and put them vertically in your mouth on the inside of your teeth up against your gums like when you're at the dentist and they ask you to bite down on that little radiation shield during X-rays. Now, your mouth should be held slightly open, and you should be slobbering a bit. That's good. You'll need that. Here's where the cream comes back into play. Take the naked cream and plop it right on to your undulating tongue. Maybe your tongue isn't undulating, but mine always is. I'm not sure it matters. The cream will melt and ooze and slowly pool at the molars where the cookies are clamped down. After a minute or two, they'll soften up and your whole mouth will collapse into the cream, with the half mushy cookies leading the way. Now, I'm not really one for chewing, so I like to do a sharp swallow and down the whole thing with a chaser of milk. My brother chews, but I think you should try it without chewing.

Name your deer.