Madness string 94626

Random mermaid
I'll never stop being fascinated by the double standard people hold for intoxication. Its a mind altering substance and you can't be held responsible for any decisions you make while doing so, can't consent to anything, etc. Until you hurt someone. Then, not only did you apparently know precisely what you were doing, you deserve extra punishment because you were so incredibly irresponsible. And the drunker you were, i.e. literally more impaired and less likely to know what you're actually doing, the more people condemn you. It's honestly hilarious.

When you have the refill you can see the pellets, they are tiny and the whole bag is light as fuck even though it is huge. A beanbag chair is a whole ass chair and it will float on water even if you sit on it, it does not take the level of foresight belonging only to animals before a volcano or a tornado to know that you need a plan to handle them. What lack of perception is even necessary to not understand that these things will act worse than feathers. It is the glitter bomb of pillow stuffings and if you touch it at all it clings to the hand like the scales of Satan. How can any person make such a miserable mistake twice? It baffles me.