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Random mermaid
My grandfather's grandfather once stood in the presence of the Revan. It is hard to believe. They say we once lived on the surface and walked in the light of suns and moons. It is hard to believe. Here, the light of the Infinite Engine warms our skin and lets us look upon our faces. The Revan said to dedicate each newborn child to the machine. It is the first touch they feel when they emerge from their mother's bodies. The Revan said to give our dead to the machine. It takes back all that it gave them through the years and returns it to us as food, as medicine. Our homes are built and heated from the bodies of our dead. No one understands when I ask the question, "Would it seem strange?" What did we give up when we swore ourselves to the service of the Revan?

If your immediate response to kicking someone in the crotch is not horror and an immediate apology, it's kind of immaterial whether it was intentional or not.