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Random mermaid
There is something frightening about the universe when we consider that only our senses of sound and sight make it beautiful. Just think, the universe is darker than the darkest ink; colder than the coldest ice and more silent than a silent tomb with all the bodies rushing through it at terrific speeds. What an awe-inspiring picture, isn't it? Yet it is our brain that gives merely a physical impression. Sight and sound are the only avenues through which we can perceive it all. Often I have wondered if there is a third sense which we have failed to discover. I'm afraid not.

If there's a rule that everyone breaks, then anyone who breaks it doesn't stand out. In fact, people who try to call out other people for breaking it get called names for being holier-than-thou or a wuss or something analogous. Anyone who decides to follow the rule gets taken advantage of by people who break it, so they don't feel bad about breaking it themselves. Even if it harms other people, those other people are rule-breakers so it's still a fair situation.