Madness string 105764

Random mermaid
Somebody had to film that scene. Somebody had to work out the blocking and framing. Somebody had to hold the microphone boom. Somebody had to stand in front of the camera multiple times with a clapper slate and say 'Thankskilling Scene 43 Take 1'. Somebody had to go in with a light meter and make sure the lighting would show up right in camera. Somebody had to make a turkey puppet with a silicone mask on it. All this, after somebody wrote this scene on a stolen macbook while snorting meth and crushed caffeine pills off a truckstop hooker's butt. I'm gonna assume the people who did all those things were the four people on camera.

It's a strange hill to die on, but I'd be happy to argue that the state has no place telling a man he can't eat his own amputated foot if he so chooses.