Madness string 102076

Random mermaid
It's something many dystopian fictions get wrong: the way it just slips in, slowly and passively. Like, people live in this hell, calculate how much of debts they'll have left when they'll die of their diabetes they won't be able to pay, while others are shouting 'Murica number 1' in riot to remove the vaccines, brainwashed by politics that just play with them. I just wonder, how it would have been seen if it was explained to someone in the 70s.

I took a pre-emptive, illegal action against someone I'd never met, in case they tried to steal from me, and then it turned out they did try to steal from me, and I was like, 'Gotcha! I anticipated this event and already laid my trap!' and they were all, 'what is wrong with you, how does that even work?'