Madness string 101090

Random mermaid
NEVER EVER, EVER, USE A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN FROM A HOTEL OR BANQUET HALL!!! Picture this: it's an expensive ass Sunday brunch. Well little Timmy just double fisted strawberries directly into that chocolate, bit into both strawberries then triple dipped into the chocolate AGAIN! And some old rich lady just sneezed on it. And somebody else just dropped their snack into it. The best part: that chocolate gets strained and saved for the next weeks brunch. Chocolate is waaay too expensive to throw away.

They say they don't buy it because we must be so fucked up to view stuff like this, literally say we must be psychotic and/or worse things. That's entirely wrong, though; this kind of content can help people so much, whether it means being more careful in your day-to-day life or not being suicidal because you either see people fail and live a horrible life afterwards, or succeed and see the family's reactions to their death.